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Become a Private Virtual Server Web Hosting Reseller with ResellersPanel

With ResellersPanel, you can begin your very own personal web hosting business and sell VPS hosting servers and shared hosting services under your very own brand name. ResellersPanel is entirely free - you never purchase any web hosting services, accounts or servers beforehand.

The web hosting firm gives you a fully automated reseller hosting program, allowing you to sell VPS server accounts. You do not need to possess any technical skills or practice - ResellersPanel maintains the hosting service itself and handles all billing and client support operations on your behalf.

With just a regular PC or a GSM mobile phone, you can create your hosting store via ResellersPanel's plain point-and-click panel. You will gain profit from every sale. Your dividend will be the difference between your retail price and the web hosting supplier's wholesale web hosting price.

ResellersPanel offers you an OS choice with your VPS package and all the typical software tools and features you will need like a CP (including ResellersPanel's own hosting Control Panel), and more fabulous charge-free gifts.

ResellersPanel also offers a 99.9% server uptime service-level agreement.

As a free web hosting reseller, you can mix the private virtual hosting server accounts with more than 50 top-level domains and secure Digital certificates, as well as with shared website hosting packages and dedicated servers.

You can also order any of the hosting packages at a wholesale price for your very own hosting necessities. So, sign up today with the Free Reseller Program courtesy of ResellersPanel!